Monday – Sunday (2PM – 5PM)


  • Chips + Dip
    Chips + Dip 8.5

    Fried to order corn tortilla chips with pico de gallo & black bean corn salsa.

    add guacamole for $3

  • Dirty Truffle Fries
    Dirty Truffle Fries 12

    Central's signature fries tossed with cajun seasoning, confit garlic, truffle oil and parmesan cheese. Served with smoked tomato ketchup, lemon chilli aioli + CKB sauce.

  • Tuna Poke Stack
    Tuna Poke Stack 14

    A delicious stack of soy marinated ahi tuna, edamame, diced mango, cucumber + avocado, finished with hot aioli, unagi sauce, sesame seeds, shredded nori and served with crispy togarashi prawn chips.

  • Crispy Wings
    Crispy Wings 14

    Choose between chicken or cauliflower. House made flavours include: BBQ, Hot, Honey Garlic, Chilli Lime Salt + Schezwan Pepper, Sweet Chilli Hoisin, Jamaican Jerk or Cajun. Served with house ranch or house vegan ranch.

  • Salt + Pepper Dry Ribs
    Salt + Pepper Dry Ribs 14

    Tender pork ribs sous vide for 12 hours, fried and tossed in salt and pepper, all on a bed of creamy + spicy asian peanut slaw.

  • Crispy Chicken Tenders
    Crispy Chicken Tenders 14

    Central’s delicious crispy tenders, served with crispy fries, paprika ranch and smoked ketchup.


  • Well Highballs
    Well Highballs 6
  • Tequila Shooter
    Tequila Shooter 6
  • Jameson Shooter
    Jameson Shooter 6
  • OK Springs 1516 (16oz)
    OK Springs 1516 (16oz) 6
  • Phillips Blue Buck (16oz)
    Phillips Blue Buck (16oz) 6
  • Mr Tea
    Mr Tea 8.5

    DBL $11

  • Central
    Central "CZR" 8.5

    DBL $11

  • Shaft
    Shaft 8.5
  • Tapped Wine (6oz)
    Tapped Wine (6oz) 8.5

    Rust Wine Co. Cab/Merlot
    Mount Boucherie Pinto Gris

  • "The Mark" Old Fashioned (2oz) 12
  • Elderflower Sour (2oz)
    Elderflower Sour (2oz) 12
  • 4 x White Freezee Shooters
    4 x White Freezee Shooters 14